Idea -> to -> Launch Workshop

Idea -> to -> Launch Workshop

What does it feel like to take an idea and bring it to life as a new product?
What are the steps?
How can you be sure it will be embraced by customers?
What is the path to a minimal viable product (MVP)?

If you're interested in learning what it takes to launch an idea, then I have a workshop for you!

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Upcoming Workshops

Oct. 13 – 14, 2022

weekday – virtual (Zoom)

Nov. 10 – 11, 2022

New York City (in person)

In this workshop, you will be presented with a real-world problem, and be part of a team to solve it.

Each team will start with market research and quickly move to product ideation. From there a market/product hypothesis will be formed and you’ll start developing your idea.

Completely interactive workshop.

Learn how to take an idea to market by using a combination of techniques from the Lean Startup by Eric Reiss, agile planning, and user experience modeling.

This isn’t a typical training or workshop, it is an experience.

Who is this for?

If you are in a large company, it’s for you.

Every technique learned here will be applicable to product development. This workshop shows you ways to brainstorm, plan, iterated and test assumptions.

If you are in a startup, this is for you. Every startup needs to constantly test assumptions about their products and features. This workshop will give you a clear path to doing that.

Have you had an idea for a product, but weren’t sure what to do about it or how to get started?

Pat Guariglia Pointing at You - Idea to Launch Workshop

It’s for you!

Bring what you learn from this workshop to your actual work. Or maybe… this will give you the right kick-start toward a new venture of your own!

What to expect from the workshop

2 action-packed days
join a team
face a challenge
compete against the other team for the best idea
brainstorm a solution in the form of a product
establish a hypothesis
develop your vision
identify what to measure
build a roadmap
perform market research
discover your customers
plan for growth
pitch your idea

Oct. 13-14, 2022

(weekday – virtual on Zoom)


Nov. 10-11, 2022

(NYC – in person)

in person

Facilitator & Organizer

Pat Guariglia at the Idea to Launch Workshop
Pat Guariglia (Elegant Agile Inc.)
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Over the last 13 years, Pat he’s been building startups, as well as coaching/training executives, teams and enterprises on agile and Scrum practices and product development. Using his entrepreneurial-business and technical background along with his desire to connect with people on a personal level.

Pat has trained and coached 3,000+ people (teams and executives) across many industries on agile and business. His engagements have brought him to Fortune 100 financial organizations, NYC startups in live-video streaming, data marketing organizations, healthcare institutions, non-profit grant organizations, Federal government agencies, hardware manufacturers, aerospace companies and more.